• Simple to play
  • Min. Bet $0,1
  • Max Bet $300
  • Animations
  • Provably Fair
  • No Free Bets
  • Medium Popularity

Go Goal is an online strategy game that lets you increase your winning with every successful step. Spend fun time with simple and easy online games.

This game uses Provably Fair technology that determines the game result. This tool gives to the player the ability to change his seed and check the fairness of the game.


Row by row you can guess where the bomb is hiding. In the field of the Go Goal, there is one bomb in each row. Every time that you avoid the bomb your winning increase. Start betting with a min bet from $0.1 and a max bet. to $300. Choose the field size that you want to play (small-medium-large) and also, choose between manual and autoplay. Finally, choose and set the Bet amount you want.



Go goal is a simple game that keeps you active and gives you the time for fun. With no extra skills needed and with easy steps, you can rich the high winning amount.